Play FIFA 18 tournaments and get more enthusiasm with the bets

  1. Buy a pack of coins in the store
  2. Choose the console with which you will play the tournament, at the bottom of this page
  3. Verify your level of play and choose the group
  4. Choose the tournament schedule that best suits you
  5. Enter your data
  6. We will contact you by email, you will also receive an invitation to participate in the tournament in your game profile
  7. Change the coins you have won for real money and enjoy your victory









At this moment we are playing short tournaments of 8 participants, in which 3 coins are bet, with round-trip matches, each time you win in a round, you will win 3 coins and pass to the next round, if you lose you will remain removed but you can play a new one at the time you want,

the times of the matches are 6 minutes
the game for goalkeeper is scheduled in professional
You will play with your race team or you can choose from a group of 5 star teams that will be informed in your email.

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