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FIFA18 Rating of your team 41 to 50

February 22, 2018 @ 8:30 pm – 9:30 pm

is registering to play a tournament of Fifa 18 on PS4, you must have at least 3 coins, each time you pass to the next round you will win 3 coins if you win the 3 rounds you will win a total of 9 coins these coins can be exchange for money that is consigned to your account, you must have a Rating of your team higher than 41 and no higher than 50

enter the user you use in Fifa 18

A total of 8 competitors with their teams face each other in an exciting tournament that will allow you to earn coins and exchange them for real money that will be consigned to your Paypal account (if your country does not have an agreement with Paypal this money can be withdrawn using a prepaid account)

Meetings will be roundtrip who loses will be eliminated who win will move to the next round

The level of the game for goalkeeper will be professional.

You will receive an invitation to play the tournament in your account, pending your email we may try to communicate through this means.

We recommend that you take a photo every time you finish a round of the results for possible claims.

Make sure you have enough motions to participate in the tournament otherwise go to the store and buy a packet of coins


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